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Visceral Manipulation for Treating Bodily Condition

Before we try to understand visceral manipulation, we need to first know what visceral mobility is; it is the ability of your internal organs to contract and release and do their functions as needed. When your organs get damaged or overworked, then they lose their pliability and sometimes they even develop scar tissues and develop adhesions. The movement and pliability of the visceral organs becomes stiff and limited when their connective tissues become stiff. The functions of the organa are greatly hindered because of this.

When visceral mobility is not longer normal and the organs are not able to function properly, then the rest of the body suffer with it. And this is because the organ side of the nerves carry through the length of the nerves to the muscles and the limbs. Your overall bodily movement all stems from the core, or your viscera. When these visceral organs suffer pain and tightness, then a signal is sent to the other parts of the body that will expose the vulnerable area to limit movement. Know more about San Jose manual lymphatic drainage here.

Visceral manipulation is a form of abdominal massage that uses pressing, deep strokes, and friction to strip away the adhesion. The goals of visceral manipulation is to restore visceral mobility. When visceral manipulation is applied, you organs will then get the proper circulation nutrients and suppleness that is required for it to function normally.

Visceral manipulation can benefit the body in so many ways. There are many bodily pains that are reduced as a result. Chronic muscle pains and joint pains are greatly relieved with visceral manipulation; improvement in uterine fibroids and cysts, relief from carpal tunnel, improved digestion, improved sciatica, less trouble from old injuries, and diminished symptoms of fibromyalgia are the other benefits of using this type of manipulation. All the benefits given above are just a small fraction of the many more benefits that visceral manipulation can give. Be sure to click here to gain more ideas about treating body.

The practitioner will do other things before the actual massaging is done. Poking and pressing your abdomen part will be done by the practitioner before actually massage it. Any practitioner who is well trained know what health, mobile organs feel like. It is possible for a practitioner to know if there is something wrong with your organs or if they are normal and healthy. Then she will communicate with you throughout the procedure and ask whether you feel tenderness wherever she presses. You need to tell the practitioner exactly what you feel. After that, the practitioner will massage and press your abdomen which will result in the stretching of the collagen fibers that make up your fascia. The end result will be the loosening of tightly-bound fibers and breaking up of adhesions. With this your organs are released and they can now move more freely.

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